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Here you will find photos of projects and other embroidered items done by Petro and our customers.
Please mail us if you would like us to add your photos of any embroidered item you made using our designs, to our photo album.

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Fairy Alphabet - Capitals ... 4x4

The "Fairies Alphabet - capitals" embroidery design collection consists of 27 embroidery patterns digitized for the 4x4 (100mm x 100mm) hoop and is available in ART, PES, HUS, PCS, JEF and SEW formats.

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See the Fairy Alphabet small collection.

Design to test stitch

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You can download this free test design from the files section of our Yahoo group.
Designsbypetro at Yahoogroups is our embroidery discussion group.
The group is a forum to exchange tips and ideas and to post questions and answers about any embroidery related topic. The group is also for announcements of new collections, special offers and group buys at Designsbypetro.

Membership are pending approval only and messages are moderated.

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All of the designs on designsbypetro.com are copyrighted. You may use these designs for your personal embroidered items, embroidered items to sell, and embroidered items to give as gifts. The rights to the designs themselves remain with designsbypetro.com. You may not transfer, share, or sell the actual design files without written permission from designsbypetro.com.

Get your Fairy Alphabet capital embroidery collection for $35 US.
The designs are also available as singles at $3 US each - just follow the links below.
See the check order page for purchasing embroidery designs by check.

Go to the Check Order page for details regarding check payments.

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