Designs by Petro - Check Order Page

How does it work?
Step 1: Print this page.
Step 2: Mark the tick box if you want a CD (Add $10-00 including shipping)..
Step 3: Write down the format that you want next to the collection. It is very important that you choose the
           correct format for your machine!
Step 4: Write your name, adress and E-mail adress down. Please ensure that your spelling
           of the e-mail adress is correct.
Step 4: Tally your purchases and make out a personal check or bank draft for the correct amount
            payable to Designs by Petro
Step 5: Place your check together with this page in an envelope and post to the adress below.
Step 6: Send us an e-mail confirming your order details.
Step 7: Upon receipt and confirmation of your order we will promptly mail your collections to you.

Your Name       :______________________________

Postal address:______________________________

City                     :______________________________

State                   :______________________________

Country             :____________________Zip:_______

E-mail                 :______________________________

Required format:___________________

Do you require your designs on a CD for an additional $10?_______________

Write down your collections below:                               Price

_____________________________________              _____

_____________________________________              _____

_____________________________________              _____

_____________________________________              _____

                                                                  Total Amount:   _____

Mail to:
Designs by Petro
P.O. Box 2031
South Africa

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