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Here you will find photos of projects and other embroidered items done by Petro and our customers.
Please mail us if you would like us to add your photos of any embroidered item you made using our designs, to our photo album.

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Quilt Blocks ....  4x4

Petro's Quilt Blocks  embroidery design collection consists of 16 quilt block embroidery designs digitized for the 4x4 (100mm x 100mm) hoop and is available in ART, PES, HUS, PCS, JEF and SEW formats.

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Design 01
3.91 x 3.88 inches
9 779 stitches
6 thread changes
Design 02
3.88 x 3.85 inches
10 872 stitches
7 thread changes
Design 03
3.89 x 3.91 inches
8 773 stitches
6 thread changes

Image of image13200.jpg
Image of image12200.jpg
Image of image11200.jpg
Design 04
3.87 x 3.93 inches
9 600 stitches
5 thread changes
Design 05
3.44 x 3.89 inches
13 854 stitches
7 thread changes
Design 06
3.90 x 3.89 inches
11 101 stitches
4 thread changes

Image of image10200.jpg
Image of image9200.jpg
Image of image8200.jpg
Design 07
3.94 x 3.89 inches
9 489 stitches
7 thread changes
Design 08
3.94 x 3.78 inches
10 014 stitches
8 thread changes
Design 09
3.90 x 3.88 inches
13 197 stitches
5 thread changes

Image of image7200.jpg
Image of image6200.jpg
Image of image5200.jpg
Design 10
3.89 x 3.93 inches
10 968 stitches
5 thread changes
Design 11
3.93 x 3.93 inches
8 340 stitches
6 thread changes
Design 12
3.89 x 3.868 inches
6 502 stitches
6 thread changes

Image of image4200.jpg
Image of image3200.jpg
Image of image2200.jpg
Design 13
3.37 x 3.56 inches
10 579 stitches
4 thread changes
Design 14
3.93 x 3.73 inches
9 002 stitches
6 thread changes
Design 15
3.84 x 3.91 inches
6 909 stitches
6 thread changes

Image of image1200.jpg
Design 16
3.54 x 3.52 inches
6 817 stitches
4 thread changes

Below are some layout- and combination ideas.

Image of idea01200.jpg Image of idea02200.jpg

Image of idea03300.jpg Image of idea04200.jpg

Image of idea05600.jpg

Image of idea06300.jpg

Image of idea07500.jpg

Designs to test stitch

Image of image14200.jpg
Image of design09corner1200.jpg
Quilt Block freebie by Petro
3.05 x 3.05 inches
6 571 stitches
5 thread changes
Quilt Block freebie by Ina
3.05 x 3.05 inches
6 571 stitches
5 thread changes

Click on the format below to download the ZIP file that contains both designs as well as the applicable color charts.

pes     hus     pcs     art     sew     jef

More freebies to download in the files section of my announcement newsgroup at Yahoo-groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/designsbypetro/

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