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Machine embroidery projects page 5
Here you will find photos of projects, projects and instructions of embroidered items done by Petro and our customers.  Please mail us if you would like us to add your project here.

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Instructions for the Frilly Ethnic designs used to make this quilt in combination with the Maasai collection

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NOTE: The tention on your machine should be correctly set to succesfully sew these fringework designs.

When sewing column or satin stitches the backside of your embroidery must show approximately one third top thread, one third bobbin thread and one third top thread again.  

Step 1:  Sew the design. Use a medium to heavy cut away stabilizer. This will help the "anchor" stitches to hold the frills once the bobbin thread has been cut.

Step 2: Turn the finished design over and carefully snip the bobbin thread on the satin stitches. Use a small scissor with sharp points or a seam ripper

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Step 3:  Turn your design right side up again. Insert the tip of your tweazer or other blunt tool under the satin stitches. Carefully pull the satin stitches to the top of the design

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